About Us

Let us manage change for you

As businesses cautiously navigate changing economic times, management is tasked with identifying and leveraging the core activities that deliver brand differentiation, a competitive edge and customer value.

Management also assumes responsibility for delivery, or the oversight of, non-core or ‘support’ services via in house or outsourced arrangements (or a combination of both).

By divesting themselves of non-core activities, businesses are able to focus on core activities that support the organisation’s strategy and strategic vision.

Let us manage your businesses non core activities


Our Process

Business Need

We assess your specific business needs and identify where outsource opportunities exist


We develop a customised solution for your business designed to work alongside your strategy

Change Management

We provide change management plans to ensure a smooth transition from current to future state for your business.

Vendor matching

We match you with the right vendor to suit your business outcomes and requirements


We negotiate commercial arrangements (contracts) between business and vendor at mutually agreed rates/terms


We provide an ongoing management service to ensure your business is on track at key milestones and to assess return on investment

Let us manage your non core business activities