How we work with you

 We are here to help you work out what works best for you. You might decide on a hybrid model of in and outsourced opportunity.

Once we identify those non-core activities, we propose an outsourced ‘solution’ by identifying an external vendor from our list of providers who is a good ‘match’ for your business , propose a model and provide costings.

We provide means to review/monitor arrangement and undertake quality assurance.  The NonCore team can engage on your behalf with all vendors and contactors to ensure the scope of your work is delivered against agreed performance standards and budgets.

Arrangement is flexible and can change/adapt over time to accommodate changing needs of business and provide a most effective solution. You can expand your suite of services as required.

Why its better


Why it's better

Why is this better than traditional and common outsource arrangements? The  key differences is simplicity, quality and cost as we select vendors who have the same expertise but are happy to charge under models which traditional external providers are not, that is, other than hourly rates.

We can provide ongoing management of the professional outsource vendors through a single point of contact. Non-Core Business provides a “crawl, walk, run” approach as a strategic entryway into a non-core outsourcing journey. This agile approach allows for transparency and simplicity by minimising surprises for your staff and customers.

Businesses that are cautious about outsourcing arrangements may consider areas such as accounting and finance support, which are less transformational to kick off and engagement. Other businesses may desire a full suite of noncore services including Human Resources, Marketing, Company Secretariat, Innovation and R&D, Project Management, Risk and Legal, Administration and Facilities Management.

We are flexible to suit your immediate or long term needs.

Our Process

Business Need

We assess your specific business needs and identify where outsource opportunities exist


We develop a customised solution for your business designed to work alongside your strategy

Change Management

We provide change management plans to ensure a smooth transition from current to future state for your business.

Vendor matching

We match you with the right vendor to suit your business outcomes and requirements


We negotiate commercial arrangements (contracts) between business and vendor at mutually agreed rates/terms


We provide an ongoing management service to ensure your business is on track at key milestones and to assess return on investment

What outsourced services can Non Core Business provide?